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Friday 5th February 2016

-Added S3xy as a Trial staff.


Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

-Neymar Promoted to L3 Staff (Mate)

-Fady Promoted to L4 Staff (Mate)

-OverPowered M4 - Spas (Mate)
-CG is Now Back ( Mate&Anonymous )
Wednesday 23th September 2015
-Added a Command to fix vehicle wheels for 200$ to use it type /wheels (Remon)
-Added Driv type system to use it do /dtype awd, fwd, rwd, reset, get, help (Remon)
Wednesday 19th September 2015
-made a command for DL3/2/1 to fix their car (Remon)
Wednesday 17th September 2015
-Added Neymar - You[S]ef As Staff (Mate)
-Updated F2 GUI (Remon)

Wednesday 27th September 2015
-Added Group Login message to enable/disable it do /togglegroupmsg (Remon)

Thursday 27th August 2015
-Demoted F@R!S to L3. (Staff Team)
-Decreased MG ammo price to 5k. (Remon)
-Added base information markers. (SheSha)
Wednesday 26th August 2015
-Increased daily money limit to 50million. (Remon,BlackFox)
-Increased MG ammo price. (EliteGameR)
-Added time system use /ctime to use. (Remon)
-Added new LS-Hopsital. (Fady)
-Added new SF-Hospital. (SheSha)

Monday 25th August 2015
-Fixed all spawners. (BlackFox,Remon)
-Fixed ammunations. (Remon,BlackFox)
-Fixed ammo bug (Remon,BlackFox)
-Added new LV-Hospital. (Fady)
Tuesday 18th August
-Fixed F7 now u can buy drugs from it (Remon)
-Fixed Weapon bug (Remon,BlackFox)
Thursday 13th August
-Added view distance system to use it do /viewdistance max/high/medium/low/lowes
Monday 10th August 2015
-Added Karting Race And Place (Lord~Galaxy)

Monday 10th August 2015
-Fixed when a police kill a wanted criminal he dont go to jail (Remon)
-Increased money when creating account from 20k to 250k (Remon)
Tuesday 9rd August 2015
-Fixed Special Forces job not being able to arrest Wanted crims with it(Remon)
-Added Law barriers system (Remon)
-Removed Spamming nades Rule (Staff Team)
-Drop System Added To use it take a weapon on your hand Type: /drop <amount> to drop your weapon (Anonymous)

Tuesday 9th August 2015
-Added WebBrowser To Use It Press Right ALT and Click Google icon (Anonymous)
Monday 3rd August 2015
-Added Cinema Places In The map (Mate)
Monday 3rd August 2015
-Update Infernus To Lamberguini Galiardo For 10000000$ (Lord~Galaxy)
Monday 3rd August 2015
-Added Cinema Linked With Youtube (Anonymous)

Friday 31th july 2015

-Added Some Shaders Sky/Water (Lord~Galaxy) 

-Added New Hud In The Server (Lord~Galaxy)
Tusday 30th july 2015
-Update Sultan To Ferrari For 10000000$ (Lord~Galaxy)

-Update Phone Interface And Fixing Sms Bug (Lord~Galaxy)

-added New Anime For server (Lord~Galaxy)
-Added Hijacker Car and Linek With Stats (Lord~Galaxy)
-Fixed The MedKite Bug (Anonymous)
-Up Job Pirce Midic (Lord~Galaxy)
-Fixing BlipS in the server (Anonymous)
-Added New Staff Utill (Lord~Galaxy)

Monday 19th july 2015
-Added BC In LV With Some Drugs/Money/Armor (Lord~Galaxy)
-Added Car Show in LS by (mate)
Tusday 7th july 2015
-Changed /law chat to /e for cops (Anonymous)
Tusday 7th july 2015
-Added Weapon Binds by TAB+Enter (Anonymous)
-Added /law to contact with the cops only (Anonymous)
-Made the new Accounts Spawn With 200K and Weapons with some ammo (Lord~Galaxy)
-Added /payjailfine to pay money and leave jail (Lord~Galaxy)
-Fixed Group Note Color (Lord~Galaxy)
-Fixed Create Squad And Hours Fixed too (Anonymous)
-Fixed F6 Create Group And Squad Will be fixed after 5mins (Anonymous)
-Fixed /stats but removed some things of it (Anonymous)

Sunday 28th july 2015
-Added Phone on B (Anonymous)
Sunday 28th july 2015
-Added DMArea (Anonymous)
-Added Weed to the drugs factory
And Made Making Drugs Faster And More Drugs (Lord~Galaxy)

Sunday 28th july 2015
-Added hydra Relod time (Anonymous)
-Fixed /groupnote and Fixed the color too (Anonymous)
-Fixed IronMiner And Police Computer Panels (Lord~Galaxy)

Thursday 1st May 2014
- Updated the Login panel (Anonymous)


kauan123 says: Hey

JohnCenz' says: How i change my photo ?

JohnCenz' says: How i change my photo ?

SheSha says: Hello.

N!CK'47#GL says: Welcome Back CG!

aresan12 says: ay wb CG, CG back guys everyone come back to play it :) <3

Fady says: It's not

aresan12 says: rip

aresan12 says: server got hacked rofl!

RydenGNR says: Server is under maintanance?

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