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5th|LatinKings-P - Application CriminalBoss
« on: September 22, 2015, 07:02:20 am »
1.1: Your in-game name:5th|LatinKings-P=5th|Same#P
1.2: Account name: tgbyhn23
1.3: Nationality: Yemeni
1.4: Age & Gender: 12&male
1.5: English skills: maybe (7/10)
2.1: Your previous groups in this server, your rank in each group and reason for leaving them:SpecialForces=Founder and i Delete Group For i Hate Cops i Love Criminals in MTA
2.2: Substantially describe yourself and tell us about your life in real world:my name hessen,i have 4 brothers mohammed khalid aziz Abdulmajed , I love football , my best group 5thStreetSaints , I love yemeni if me playing with he not spamming me if saudi playing with me he spamming me , I love arabic and English I have friends in arabic and in English , my brother mohammed he pro in football , my brother  aziz he very fast , my brother abdulmajed he smart , my brother khalid he loves to play , me idiot :D
2.3: Tell us more about your CG life and being a criminal:i Just Do Best Group name , I Hate Cops If I Have Starts Cops Want Kill me :D , i was Do Group SF Just i delete it For Criminals is the best , If i Look Police i Want Said Anti Cops Delete Police or Dead , If i Look Police ever where i Will Kill He For i For Ever Hate Cops and i Dont Like See Police
2.4: How long have you been a criminal: The first time entered the server full hour and a policeman turned criminal and never change
2.5: Why do you want to be a criminal boss:i Want To be CriminalBoss For no one Server i Have CriminalBoss Just 1 noob Server  :-X i Want Be CriminalBoss For Criminal Listen To me and Attack vs Police , i want be Loyal CriminalBoss This is my goals in CG Link= , never Spamming with CriminalBoss i was from yesterday i Was Fanatic From Staff [CG]Fady He Was Spamming we Just we to i was Fanatic
2.6: Why do you think you have what it takes to become a Criminal Boss:be Loyal members , never Said to Neymar Accept my apply , never Spamming If You Do Apply CriminalBoss , i do good Apply in Application , Kill Cops , Do Drugs :D
2.7: If you were to be accepted as a Criminal Boss, give us an example of how you would behave:I will be loyal , never Spamming , We will do the least important to kill police , never Spamming Owner CriminalBoss and if i look Cops Said to criminalboss Let's kill him
2.8: Extra information/proof you deserve to be a Criminal Boss(Organized Events, etc): no answer

3.1: Playtime in hours:42 Will more
3.2: Screenshot of your current "/stats" [LINK ONLY]:
3.3: How many times how you been banned(State the reasons): i dont get Banned or anything

4.1: Do you have any plans to join the Law side in the future: no
4.2: Will you uphold all CG rules: yes
4.3: Do you feel that you're responsible enough to handle Criminal Boss power:yes
4.4: Do you agree to uphold leadership and respect criminals as a family:yes
4.5: Have you read all the rules and guidelines about being a Criminal Boss:yes
4.6: I agree not to join any CnR events as a cop, if I fail to do so, I agree for my rights of Criminal Boss to be revoked:yes
4.7: I agree that the information I've presented on this application is valid and is fully written by me:yes
4.8: I understand that if I am inactive/semi-active for the first 20 days of being Criminal Boss I will get removed:yes
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Re: 5th|LatinKings-P - Application CriminalBoss
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2015, 07:08:03 pm »
Good Luck  :P :P :P


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Re: 5th|LatinKings-P - Application CriminalBoss
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2015, 08:57:31 pm »
Your English skills prevents you from being a criminalboss, improve it and re apply.


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Re: 5th|LatinKings-P - Application CriminalBoss
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2015, 02:11:46 pm »
i Fix it If you Have Wrong Said to me  :P