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Palamino Squad | Application Center.V2 [OPEN]
« on: August 29, 2015, 10:32:20 am »

Founded By:Bokilla & HeB0

Application Center

General Information
Squad Name: Palamino_Squad
Squad Abbreviation: PS
Squad Tags: #P,#Palamino
Squad Motto: We are nation, We do not forget, We do not forgive.
Squad Creation Date: 20/8/2015

- Must know how to talk/understand English.
- Any lies written in the application will lead you to get denied. tell the truth in your application.
- You must be not in a squad while applying for us.
- You must have over 30 playtime.
- Your forum account must be older than  5day
- No Applications for other Squads in last 5 days.
- If you have been denied, feel free to re-apply after 5 days. * Except if we told you "DON'T APPLY AGAIN"

1.Don't be a rules breaker and respect any staff and the high ranks.
2. Use the English language in the squad chat only. (/sc) If not ,%5 warn level.
3. Respect the CG community players! If not it equals in a %35 warn level.
4. If we notice that you are working as a cop, you will be kicked from Palamino Squad.
6. Do not ask for drugs or money in any chat or from any members of the Squad, %10 warn level.
7. Never ask for a promotion. if you do so = %25 warn level.
8. Always use the squad tag, if not = %5 warn level. (#P)
9. Everyone have to respect higher ranks, but if someone is bossing around and harassing
 you just because
he  is high ranked, take proofs and report him to another leadership member of the group immediately.
10.Don't speak on Support channel if you dont know the rules properly. %20 warn level.
11. Don't troll anybody. (Staffs, leaders, founders must obey this rule too.) %20 warn level.
12. If someone got warned 3 times for the same reason. This person will get kicked from Palamino.
13. If you are going to be AFK, use AFK tags before you leave. If not, %10 warn level.
14. Do not cooperate with cops or do not help them even if he/she is your friend.
 %15 warn level.
15. Do not use /squadnote for useless things.

Code: [Select]

[center][img width=640 height=360][/img][/center]
[center][size=14pt][glow=black,2,300][color=#185572][i][b]Palamino Squad - Application[/b][/i][/color][/glow][/size]
[size=14pt][glow=black,2,300][color=#185572][i][b]In-game Information:[/b][/i][/color][/glow][/size]
[b]1.1 In-Game Name :[/b]
[b]1.2 Account Name :[/b]
[b]1.3 Your MTA serial (Press F8 and type serial then copy it.) :[/b]
[b]1.4 Screenshot of your /stats :[/b]
[size=14pt][glow=black,2,300][color=#185572][i][b]Personal Information:[/b][/i][/color][/glow][/size]
[b]2.1 Real name :[/b]
[b]2.2 Age :[/b]
[b]2.3 Gender :[/b]
[b]2.4 Country :[/b]
[b]2.5 Nationality :[/b]
[b]2.6 Your Timezone :[/b]
[b]2.7 Your english skills (0-10) :[/b]
[b]2.8 Tell us about yourself and your real life (minimum 20 words) :[/b]
[size=14pt][glow=black,2,300][color=#185572][i][b]About Application:[/b][/i][/color][/glow][/size]
[b]3.1 Squad(s) that you have been part of :[/b]
[b]3.2 Why did you leave your old Squad(s) :[/b]
[b]3.3 Tell us about your CG life (Minimum 30 words) :[/b]
[b]3.4 Why do you want to join [color=#185572][b]Palamino Squad?[/b][/color]:[/b]
[b]3.5 Why we should accept you?  :[/b]
[b]4.1  Do you meet our all Requirements to join our squad (Y/N) :[/b]
[b]4.2  I will follow all orders and respect high ranks (Y/N)  :[/b]
[b] 4.5 Did you read all Palamino Rules, and are you accepting them? (Y/N) :[/b]
[b] 4.6 Do you want to modify anything else?: [/b]

For Application Managers

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Dont play with me >:(

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Re: Palamino Squad | Application Center.V2 [OPEN]
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2015, 01:20:31 pm »
                                                                  Good Luck Palamino_Squad
 Im joined The Squad :D Few Hours                                                                        


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Re: Palamino Squad | Application Center.V2 [OPEN]
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2016, 08:49:50 pm »
Good Lucky ! @NikyMan


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Re: Palamino Squad | Application Center.V2 [OPEN]
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2016, 06:22:35 pm »
Ty Jhon
Dont play with me >:(


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Re: Palamino Squad | Application Center.V2 [OPEN]
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2016, 12:17:18 pm »
GL  ;D